General Beverage Rooftop

General Beverage Companies Headquarters

LOCATION: Fitchburg, Wisconsin   |   CAPACITY: 143 kW   |   COMPLETION DATE: October 2017

Midwest Solar Power

General Beverage Companies (GB) is one of the largest wholesale distributors of wine, distilled spirits, beer and non-alcoholic beverages in Wisconsin, servicing over 11,400 licensed beverage retailers throughout Wisconsin. The company is headquartered in Fitchburg and also has locations in Barron, Chippewa Falls, La Crosse, Little Chute, Milwaukee, Oshkosh, and Stevens Point. LSC worked with GB to start generating 18-20% of their power from solar. Read more

St. Joseph's Convent (The School Sisters of St. Francis) Rooftop

School Sisters of St Francis of St Joseph Convent *

* LSC Member

LOCATION: Milwaukee, Wisconsin   |   CAPACITY: 375 kW   |   COMPLETION DATE: January 2018

Arch Electric Logo

“This solar energy project will enable us to lessen our energy consumption and to invest in our care of the Earth. It is very much in keeping with the way that our province is living out our Congregational Direction by joining with others to raise a common voice for the good of all creation.”

– Sister Carol Rigali, School Sisters of St. Francis (Arch Electric, 7/19/17)

The School Sisters of St. Francis of St. Joseph Convent is an international community of Catholic sisters who unite with others to build a just and peaceful world. Founded in 1874, the organization has more than 1,000 sisters, associates, staff, donors and volunteers actively working to address the needs of those who are poor and marginalized by society. Their sites are located in the United States, Europe, Latin America and India. The School Sisters of St. Francis in Milwaukee is one of nine sponsored or co-sponsored sites in the U.S. Read more

The T.B. Scott Free Library

* LSC Member

LOCATION: Merrill, Wisconsin   |   CAPACITY: 28.63kW   |   COMPLETION DATE: June 2017

North Wind Renewable Energy Co-op

See energy usage

The T.B. Scott Free Library serves the Merrill area through traditional and innovative services, connecting people to their community and the world. It promotes reading, supports lifelong learning, ensures free and open access to ideas, and provides opportunities for recreation.

The Library has employed both high and low tech ways to save energy for many years, so going solar is just another step in becoming more environmentally friendly and making taxpayer dollars stretch further. Read more

Full Spectrum Solar installation on Housing Initiatives

Housing Initiatives of Madison

* LSC Member

LOCATION: Madison, Wisconsin   |   CAPACITY: 21 kW   |   COMPLETION DATE: December 2016

Full Spectrum Solar logo

Housing Initiatives is a Madison nonprofit organization that has been providing peace, hope, and shelter for Madison area men, women, and veterans for over 20 years.  Read more

Housing initiatives logo image

Madison nonprofit Housing Initiatives are setting up to save 40% on their power bill

Housing Initiatives has been providing peace, hope, and shelter for Madison area men, women, and veterans for over 20 years.  They work to end homelessness for those who live with severe mental illnesses.  Legacy Solar Co-op is proud to be partnering with such a wonderful organization.

Legacy Solar Co-op will provide solar on 2 buildings that Housing Initiatives owns and maintains.  Our tax sponsor for this project is a long-time advocate for this and other organizations in Dane County.  Together, we will help Housing Initiatives achieve lower energy bills by helping them generate their own electricity behind-the-meter, saving them about 40% on their power bills.  Read more

Carport sketch

Legacy Solar Co-op teams with MREA on solar carport project

Legacy Solar Co-op is working with the MREA to develop a 100 kilowatt solar carport to be located on the main grounds of MREA’s headquarters in Custer, Wisconsin.  We will rely on supporters of MREA and members of LSC to buy Solar Bonds to capitalize a fund that will allow MREA to get the best value out of this development.

LSC is looking to sell $240,000 in solar bonds through our Co-op to get this project off the ground this summer!

Learn more about solar bonds and how they help fund community solar projects like this one – while earning you interest!

>> Learn more about the Slice of Sun Solar Bonds program >>

Willy Street Co-op East

Two open house events at Willy Street Co-op East

June 27 & 29, 2016

LSC coordinated an Open House Bond Sales Event on Monday, June 27 and Wednesday, June 29, 2016 from 5:30-7:30pm at the Community Room at Willy East’s store. Attendees learned more about supporting solar and investing in member bonds through the Legacy Solar Co-op. Solar Bonds to fund the new rooftop solar at Willy East’s store were sold to Members of the Legacy Solar Co-op. Willy Street will use the energy savings from the solar and from the 214 LED lights to pay the Legacy Solar Co-op’s bondholders up to 6% interest on Bonds used to capitalize LSC’s solar loan fund.

Our solar loans are securitized by the value of the solar assets on the roof so this Legacy Solar Co-op is a safe and reliable way to share in the benefits of solar energy.

Join the Legacy Solar Co-op and Share a Slice-of-Sun with the Willy Co-op today and earn a decent return by investing in sunshine!

Don Wickert on Rooftop of Willy Street Co-op East

Willy Street Grocery Co-op East

* LSC Member

LOCATION: Madison, WI   |   CAPACITY: 20 kW   |   COMPLETION DATE: July 2016
Full Spectrum Solar logo

Lights at Willy Street Co-op EastLSC helped Willy Street Grocery Co-op add 20 kilowatts of solar to the roof of their east side store (on Willy Street), as well as 214 LED lamps to replace the fluorescents, which operate at 15 hours a day. Between the LED retro-fits and the solar, Willy Street saves over 40,000 kilowatt-hours per year in MGE-supplied power. This will result in over 33 metric tons of carbon-dioxide avoided emissions per year, and over 25 years roughly 20 million gallons of water conserved!

“Sustainability is a central tenet of our organization’s mission and desired impact, best expressed by our mandate to nourish and enrich our environment. Through the installation and use of a solar array, we not only produce clean, renewable energy but reduce our dependence on less sustainable energy sources that contribute to climate change. As a cooperative, we are proud to meet the needs of our ownership, our community, and our planet, and going solar is a great opportunity to do that.”

– Ben Becker, Executive Assistant

Read more

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Solar Legacy Projects

Solar Legacy Projects are solar energy installations built on community institutions like schools, libraries, or churches. They have been designed and built by local stakeholders.  We call them “legacy” projects because solar generates pollution-free electricity for the community and future generations long after it’s installed –– often 30 years or more. 

You too can help support these projects through our Slice of Sun Solar Bonds program.  Any member can earn up to 5% interest on their bonds purchased through the co-op. Your contribution by purchasing solar bonds allows us to help finance these community projects. You can choose to keep your interest or donate it to a non-profit of your choosing, or event donate the entire bond to a non-profit. Or, you can include your bond in your estate planning. Lots of ways to go green, to earn green, and to help community organizations! 

So even if you live in the shade you can actively help grow solar energy in Wisconsin!  Learn more about the Slice of Sun Solar Bonds program

Here Comes the Sun (Sun and clouds image)

Sauk Area Solar Committee Public Talk

The Sauk Area Solar Committee of the Legacy Solar Co-op hosted a public talk Saturday, January 30th, 2016 at the Ruth Culver Prairie du Sac Library in front of over 70 members of the public!  Trang Donovan of Unlimited Renewable Energy (URE) gave a very good technical overview of the process to put solar on a rooftop.  Tyler Huebner of RENEW Wisconsin gave a great little talk on the state of solar development in Wisconsin.

Read more