Sunlight in the woods
Solar panels on house
Sunlight in the trees
Solar panels on community building

Together we can build a solar legacy in Wisconsin.

Even if you live in the shade you can help grow solar!


Help grow solar power in Wisconsin! Legacy Solar Co-op members receive a discount on consulting and are eligible to buy solar bonds.

Solar RECs

Our Solar RECs are retired on behalf of the buyer, so that real and permanent good can come from the use of renewable energy.


Explore the potential for saving energy in your home or business. Members of the Legacy Solar Co-op receive a discount on solar consulting.


We make solar easy for homeowners. We can help you explore options to make sure you choose the right solution for your property.

Solar Bonds

Invest in the future of solar. Buy solar bonds that help fund community solar projects and earn interest through our Slice of Sun Solar Bonds program.

Solar Legacy Projects

We call them “legacy” projects because solar generates pollution-free electricity for decades.

These are our most recent projects. Visit the Legacy Solar Co-op portfolio page to browse the gallery of all the community solar projects our members have helped to support!
New! Check out our community solar projects map!

US Government Building

Inflation Reduction Act Updates

The 2022 landmark legislation includes a some very important provisions for folks interested in solar. LSC continues to provide updates as they become available.
Peter Fiala

We joined Legacy Solar Co-op because we wanted to dedicate our attention to something small and help it grow in to an everyday concept in Wisconsin. This form of sustainable energy investment is much more tangible and a sensible option given we can’t currently install solar panels on our house.

Peter Fiala
Yogesh Chawla

Legacy Solar Cooperative helped me plan, finance and install solar panels on my home, and navigate federal tax credits.  Our solar installation provides most of our energy and costs less than a second used car.   If you have money sitting around in a saving accounts collecting no interest, you should invest in a solar installation that will ensure you a future of clean renewable energy.  Solar pricing has seen a precipitous price drop, so now is the time to plan your solar installation before the tax credits expire.

Yogesh Chawla

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