About Legacy Solar Co-op

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Solar power builds resiliency in our neighborhoods and encourages us to be good stewards of our air, water and earth. Solar energy is readily available, reliable technology with long-term benefits. This is true not only for individuals, but for communities and organizations committed to making financially and ecologically sound decisions.

Who is the Legacy Solar Co-op?

Legacy Solar Co-op is a Wisconsin-based, member-owned cooperative providing solar and energy efficiency products and services. Our goal is to bring together like-minded Wisconsinites to support local and statewide solar and other clean energy initiatives.

We believe that the future of our planet depends on taking action now. The “Legacy” in Legacy Solar Co-op refers not only to the endurance of the solar projects we support, which will last for 4 decades or more, but also to the collective contribution we make towards a clean, renewable energy supply for our communities.

Why Legacy Solar Co-op?

Legacy Solar Co-op offers a way to invest in a solar future at any level you feel comfortable, whether it’s a low-cost yearly membership, just to stay connected, or buying bonds to invest in local projects. When you join LSC and participate in our programs you know that you are doing what you can today to provide a cleaner, safer future for Wisconsin.

What Does Legacy Solar Co-op Do?

There are 4 ways Legacy Solar Co-op pursues our mission of growing solar technology in Wisconsin.


Through our newsletter, articles and presentations, we help interested people learn more about the benefits of solar and energy efficiency.


Legacy Solar Co-op offers consulting services for anyone interested in going solar. We help homeowners to businesses to communities navigate their many options for a smooth and successful project. We specialize in helping community and service organizations overcome their special financial hurdles.

 Switch-to-Solar (S2S) program

Not everyone can have a solar array on their roof, but Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) sold through our S2S program are an affordable and easy way to support the development of solar where you live. Starting at just $10 a month, offset your energy use by buying RECs produced by local solar producers.

Slice of Sun Solar Bonds – Investing in Solar

For a larger investment, LSC offers a way for people to support solar projects, even if they already have or are unable to have solar themselves. Members can buy bonds to support a particular project for an organization they care about, or simply to enable LSC to provide more funding for interested organizations. Our solar bonds are flexible and offer a reliable return. Recognized in 2019 by RENEW Wisconsin for our innovative approach to solar investing, our unique program has helps dozens of communities and organizations create a legacy for themselves and support a cleaner future for Wisconsin.

Become an equity owner (member) of the Co-op today, and be a part of something bigger than one home, one neighborhood, or one city solar project.  Help us help communities all around Wisconsin create their own clean energy future.

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