Trisha McConnell and Jim Billings in front of their solar installation

Trisha McConnell and Jim Billings in front of their solar array, installed in 2020.

What is a Solar Group Buy?

In its most basic concept, a solar group buy lowers the base rate for residential and small business solar projects by economies of scale. The entity organizing the program  coordinates with local installers to reach a lower price rate, prorated to various system size ranges. Depending on the program, community organizations can also organize a local incentive for program participants.

There is also often an educational component to the program where homeowners can learn about solar technology and how it applies to their home at in-person events or webinars.

Depending on the group buy program, small nonprofit and commercial properties may be eligible to participate, also taking advantage of grants or funding specific to them.

In addition to group buy savings…

  • Thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), homeowners can receive a Federal tax credit of 30% from 2023-2032 (read more about the IRA)
  • Homeowners can receive up to $500 in Focus on Energy rebates while funds are available and a total of $1,000 for homes that are located in rural zip codes. (Your utility may have its own rebate program if it does not participate in Focus on Energy.)
  • Homeowners can install more energy efficient appliances, which also can come with their own rebates from Focus on Energy the Inflation Reduction Act.

Being part of a Legacy Solar Co-op solar group buy is an easy, affordable way to achieve your solar goals, while building resiliency and promoting economic justice in your community. It also gives participants the easy button through a recent financing option with greenpenny, a virtual and carbon-neutral bank dedicated to financing a sustainable tomorrow. The end result is that each group buy participant realizes significant cost savings when installing solar.

Each group buy program defines who is eligible to participate and offers discounted pricing based on the economies of scale made possible by being part of the group. Legacy sets up the logistical and marketing structure of the program. The sponsor, like a community group in a city or county, assists with the promotion of the program within their community.

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Where do I start?

If you are ready to get started, complete the solar assessment form now.

If you’re not familiar with Solar Group Buys, view our on-demand webinar below to learn more. Webinar viewers will learn:

  • How to produce clean, renewable energy from the sun
  • How solar protects against rising energy costs
  • How participants significantly reduce their electric bill
  • How quickly investing in solar can pay for itself
  • How solar increases property values
  • How to access financing at competitive rates

Current Wisconsin Solar Group Buys with Legacy Solar Co-op

Iowa County Solar Group Buy

Who is eligible?

Homeowners, businesses, and nonprofit organizations in communities in Iowa County, Wisconsin. Learn more by visiting the Iowa County Solar Group Buy page.

FREE Solar Assessment

We also offer solar advising to Wisconsin residents, helping homeowners choose a trusted solar installer in their area and the right system for their home. Learn more.

Benefits for Solar Group Buy Participants

A solar group buy lowers the base rate for residential and small business solar projects by economy of scale. Legacy Solar Co-op works with installers to come up with a price per watt that works for them and gives an even better deal to the customer than already available savings:

  • Homeowners receive a Federal tax credit of 26% through the end of year 2022
  • Homeowners receive up to $500 in Focus on Energy rebates while funds are available and a total of $1,000 for homes that are located in rural zip codes. (Your utility may have its own rebate program if it does not participate in Focus on Energy.)
  • Nonprofit organizations are eligible to participate and may also apply for grants/funding specific to them

The group buy was an easy and relatively low-priced process for our residential solar array installation. Legacy Solar Coop was helpful with answering questions and arranging a quote from Eagle Point Solar. Arrangements for siting the array, installation and wiring to our house, as well as coordination with MG&E were all provided. We are very happy to have almost all of our electric power usage for our home and cars being produced by clean solar power right in our backyard!”

Chad MoritzMiddleton, Wisc

The Solar Group Buy Process

Here are the steps a homeowner, business owner or nonprofit might follow when participating in a Legacy Solar Co-op solar group buy:

Fill out a Solar Assessment Form

Not every site is a good fit for solar. We will work with you to determine whether your home or property is a good candidate for a solar array and help speed up the process for your and the installer. We walk you through the assessment process, and help you understand specifically, what a solar array can do to benefit you budget and impact on the environment. Some aspects of an assessment are done in person, but we’re happy to work with you to minimize contact.

Legacy works with each participant to complete a site evaluation that includes an assessment form, request for photos and energy data. In return, we will provide a Solar Snapshot, which provides the approximate size of the solar array, ballpark cost, and the utility savings the customer may experience.  There is no cost, and we will not need to visit your home.  We want to make it easy for you to make an informed, no pressure decision to move forward.

Contract Proposal, Signing and Project Schedule

After you review your custom solar snapshot, and ask us any questions you may have, we share the information with vetted local solar installers. The installer creates a proposal and contract for your review that will include any modifications, final placement details and your project timeline.

If you agree to the project, you sign a contract, and the project is scheduled.


Depending on the size, most residential solar arrays take only a few days to complete. Your installer will work with you to get the necessary permits, help with any paperwork for grants or credits, and show you how to use your new array.

Commissioning or Interconnection

Once your array is completed, you will need to work with your installer and your utility company to connect the array to the grid. Once that’s complete you have solar!

Financing Options

Need financing? Greenpenny can help. Greenpenny is a virtual and carbon-neutral bank, based in Decorah, Iowa, and dedicated to financing a sustainable tomorrow. As a thank you for participating in the solar group buy program with Legacy Solar Co-op, greenpenny will waive your $50 loan processing fee. In the referral code field of your solar loan application type LEGACY or mention your participation to your greenpenny banker. Visit greenpenny’s residential solar financing page.

Incorporate Solar in to Your Energy Efficiency Plan

Green Homeowners United makes it easier for homeowners to improve their property with renewable energy, energy-efficiency retrofits and water saving opportunities. If you’re thinking about adding solar to your home, and you also need to make improvements to your home to make it more energy efficient, you can actually do both pretty easily. Green Homeowners United will help you prioritize and finance the energy upgrades that will pay for themselves while also cutting carbon emissions.


Peter Fiala, Group Buy Coordinator, is more than happy to answer any questions you might have. He is reachable at

Would you like to Sponsor a Solar Group Buy in your Community?

If you are interested in starting a group buy in your community or have questions, read our Infosheet for Sponsors and contact us with any questions.

Benefits for Sponsors

  • No fee
  • Name recognition in the community
  • Specific progress for community sustainability goals
  • Promotes your community’s reputation as a place that supports green energy initiatives