Take the stress out of getting solar for your home or business.

Find out whether your property is a good candidate for solar and speed up the process of working with an installer.

Legacy Solar Co-op walks you through every step. We help you understand specifically how solar will benefits your budget and impact on the environment.

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The Iowa County Solar Group Buy

The Iowa County Solar Group Buy is an opportunity for residents of Iowa County, Wisconsin to save on solar installation. Legacy Solar Co-op works with installers to create an even better deal to our group buy participants.

A solar group buy is an easy, affordable way for residents, small businesses, and nonprofits to save on energy costs while benefiting the environment. This effort is proudly supported by Iowa County CLEA-N, in collaboration with solar installers Timmerman’s Talents, Eagle Point Solar, and All Sky Energy.

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  • Find out if your property is a likely candidate for solar based on site information, your utility bills, photos and address information

  • Understand your system size options. We’ll report your maximum system size based on how much energy you use and your local utility.

  • Get a cost estimate – without having to make an appointment for a site visit. We can give you a ballpark estimate of how much a solar installation is likely to cost.

  • Consultations. You aren’t in this alone. We are here to answer all your questions.

Participants receive:

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  • A free solar snapshot. Based on the information you provided us, this brief report gives the potential size and placement of your solar array, ballpark cost, and the utility savings you may experience.
  • Access to multiple trusted local solar installers
  • An additional group buy incentive of at least $250 for the first 20 participants (based on system size)
  • A detailed analysis and comparison of installer quotes is available

If you are interested in solar this year, we urge you to submit the form below and get started!

Being part of a Legacy Solar Co-op Group Buy means you have a trusted resource to turn to while transitioning to solar energy.

Reasons to go solar in 2022

  • Limited time incentives
    • Federal Tax Credit. Take advantage of the recently increased 30% Federal Tax Credit.
    • Focus on Energy Rebate. Homeowners are eligible to receive up to $1,000.
    • Local Incentive. As part of this community supported effort, the first 20 participants will be eligible for an additional, local incentive of at least $250, based on the size of their system.
  • Low upfront costs. A wide variety of financial options make it possible to match loan payments with monthly savings (see below)
  • Hedge against electricity rate increases. Larger utilities in the state recently increased their electricity rates significantly. Once you install solar, your rate for solar energy produced is fixed.
  • Carbon footprint reduction. Generate your own renewable energy from the sun
  • Optional, objective technical advice and analysis of competing bids is available for a modest $250 fee ($200 for members of the co-op). If you need help evaluating which system is right for you, please contact us.

Iowa County Solar Installs Gallery

What People Say

The group buy was an easy and relatively low-priced process for our residential solar array installation. Legacy Solar Coop was helpful with answering questions and arranging a quote….We are very happy to have almost all of our electric power usage for our home and cars being produced by clean solar power right in our backyard!”

Chad MoritzWisconsin Resident

“The Iowa County solar group buy is spot-on with the goals of our CLEA-N program.  CLEA-N strives to lower energy costs, reduce fossil fuel reliance and keep energy dollars in the local community.  That’s exactly what small scale solar does!  We’re so grateful to be partnering with the friendly, knowledgeable folks at LSC in helping more Driftless Area residents enjoy the benefits of solar energy.”

Chuck TennessenClimate & Energy Coordinator, Driftless Area Land Conservancy

Being part of a group buy for a home solar installation turned out to be a perfect way for my husband and I to finally do something we had long talked about but avoided doing since we knew it would involve a lot of work on our part to research an appropriate system and find a quality contractor. Knowing that Legacy Solar had carefully chosen the vendor, negotiated a fair price, made all the arrangements, and would help us if there were problems just sealed the deal.  We are happy with the result, including our tax rebate, and love knowing that on sunny days we are not using any fossil fuels.

Carolyn & John Cain, Verona
Peter Fiala

Peter Fiala

Solar Group Buy Coordinator

Peter Fiala consults is your first contact as you explore the possibilities of solar for your home or business.

Peter serves on the co-op board of directors as its Vice President. Peter has been an avid volunteer or board member in local and environmental organizations. His passion is connecting residents, nonprofits and businesses to solar statewide and building community relationships along the way.

Peter is more than happy to answer any questions you might have at peter@legacysolarcoop.org or 608-443-7820.

Participating Installers

Timmerman’s Talents, LLC is a full service installer of wind, solar electric, and solar hot water heating systems, serving Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, and Iowa.

Based in Baraboo, All Sky Energy has over 20 years of experience in residential and commercial solar sectors, offering the grid-connected, off-grid and battery back-up system that will meet your needs.

Founded in 2010, Eagle Point Solar is dedicated to bringing renewable solar energy to residential, commercial, nonprofit and agricultural customers in Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin. They have consistently ranked as a Solar Power World Top Solar Contractor and Solar + Storage installer in the U.S.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does this opportunity last?

Legacy and installers are offering this opportunity from April, 2022 through the end of the year. As we get closer to the end of the year, installations may need to be scheduled for early 2023.

Who is eligible?

Homeowners, businesses, and nonprofit organizations anywhere in the greater Iowa County, Wisconsin area.

Where do I start?

If you would like us to send you a solar snapshot with the following information, start by completing a solar assessment request form and we will respond promptly. The report will include:

  • If your property is a likely candidate for solar, based on site information, your utility bills, and address information
  • A maximized system size based on how much energy you use
  • Ballpark estimate of the cost of your array. Based on site information and factors such as the system size, ground vs. roof mount, and roof type
  • A simple financial analysis with annual estimated cash flows of system vs. reduced monthly utility bills, factoring in the cost of financing (if applicable)

Community Support

The Iowa County Solar Group Buy relies on generous support from community organizations, including:

Iowa County CLEA-N (Clean Local Energy Alliance – Now) was created by the Driftless Area Land Conservancy, along with dedicated area activists. Its mission is to explore and engage in initiatives to advance the local ownership and control of a clean energy future in Iowa County, paving the way for the creation of the county as an energy district.

Iowa County

Farmer’s Implement Store, Mineral Point

Town & Country Insurance, with offices in Dodgeville, Cobb and other area locations.

Farmers Savings Bank, founded in 1917, with locations in Mineral Point, Dodgeville and surrounding communities.

Thuli Tables, located in Dodgeville, designs and manufactures high quality chiropractic products at a fair price.

We also thank the community members ( solar champions!) out there who are working to bring more solar energy to Iowa County.