Meet the Team

Legacy Solar Co-op (LSC) is fortunate to have a team of individuals with a diverse level of expertise in all subjects solar.

A core team of staff manage day to day operations of the co-op, its projects, the bond program, its consulting efforts and the Switch2Solar Program.

Board members meet to recommend strategies that will help continue to make the co-op sustainable and fulfill its mission of growing solar in Wisconsin. Any LSC member is eligible to serve on the board of directors. For more information, contact us.

Key Co-op Personnel

Kurt Reinhold

Managing Director, Chief Executive and President, LSC

Kurt has experience working in and with many cooperatives over the years, as well as with an international CPA firm that has developed over $3 Billion in energy projects. He has developed solar projects for over 30 community institutions with LSC. So far, Kurt has raised over one million dollars in Slice of Sun Solar Bonds and continues to provide the backbone for the Co-op’s tax financing model for developing community solar in Wisconsin. Contact Kurt.

Tony Hartmann

Director of Business Development, LSC

Tony HartmannFor 20 years Tony has been a nanotech and clean energy entrepreneur.  He has developed, promoted and sold renewable energy products, services and technologies, many associated with the U.W. – Madison.  He has led environmental research teams, been an instructor at Madison College, performed grant reviews for the National Science Foundation and organized cooperatives and trade associations.  He joined Legacy Solar Co-op in 2016 and has been a project developer for several megawatts of solar for both non-profit and commercial enterprise. Contact Tony.

Elise Couillard

Solar Advisor, LSC

Elise Couillard consults with Legacy Solar Cooperative and is particularly interested in solar for conservation organizations and agrivoltaic/solar plus growing systems. Elise earned her Master’s in Biology and has always been interested in the wildlife and environmental science fields. She began applying her knowledge and really becoming acquainted with solar energy as the Treasurer of the Couillard Solar Foundation in 2018. Elise has always enjoyed communicating about science and presenting about topics she is passionate about. When Elise isn’t promoting solar, reducing food waste and pulling recyclable items out of the trash, you may find her working on her tiny house on wheels. Ultimately, she centers much of what she does around making a positive impact on earth and reducing her carbon footprint. Contact Elise.

Peter Fiala

Vice President, LSC

Peter FialaPeter has been with Legacy Solar Co-op since 2017 and coordinates many administrative functions of the co-op, including its bond and loan program, system monitoring, project management, grant-writing and other operations. He also manages non-profit, commercial and residential solar projects throughout the state. Since graduating from UW-Madison in 2004, he has been dedicated to local and environmental organizations in Madison and Dane County. Contact Peter.

Meet Peter Fiala, profile

Board of Directors

Celeste Anton

Director, LSC

CelesteA digital marketing consultant, Celeste began working with Legacy Solar Co-op in its first year to build our website, set up online membership forms, and develop marketing campaigns. She has many years of experience working with small businesses and not-for-profits. She worked in the UW-Madison Division of Continuing Studies for 15 years,  managing web projects and internet marketing campaigns, before starting her own business Dandelion Web Marketing and Consulting.

John Bayley

Secretary, LSC

John BayleyJohn has lived in the Dudgeon-Monroe neighborhood for many years and has supported numerous cultural and environmental causes over time. John has participated in peer-to-peer (P2P) solar projects in the past and is one of the first bondholders of Legacy Solar Co-op.

Jennifer Larson

Director, LSC

Jenn Larson

In her current role as an energy consultant at Arch Solar, she says, “I’m learning so much about the hurdles that residents and small businesses face when they choose to go solar. I hope to be able to further connect individuals with resources and information to make that transition to solar possible. As a concerned parent and Wisconsinite, it has never been a more critical time to have all hands on deck to help as many folks as possible make the switch to clean, renewable energy.”

Steve Mcarthur

Director, LSC

Steve McarthurPrior to retirement, Steve worked in commercial banking for more than 40 years, primarily in the areas of treasury management, strategic planning, and sales management & tactics.  He has previously served as Senior Advisor to the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) and as an international speaker/educator  for the Association for Finance Professionals (AFP).  He held both NASD and SEC licenses at supervisory and Principal levels and was the primary author of the Best Practice for Financial Fraud Detection and Protection for the GFOA.  Steve currently lives in Delafield Wisconsin and is active on the Board of a local non-profit service provider.

Paul Treffert

Director, LSCPaul Treffert

Paul has worked as a senior care executive for over 30 years and has been the CEO of Sheboygan Senior Community since 2016. Paul and his staff worked closely with Legacy Solar, the Coulliard Foundation and the Office of Energy Independence to create Solar for Seniors, a 198Kv solar power system that includes one of the first large-scale batteries in the state. SSC was named to the 2023 RENEW Wisconsin Clean Energy Honor Roll