The Benefits of Membership

Legacy Solar Co-op is about leveraging the power of community to grow solar and energy efficiency in Wisconsin. By becoming a member you are truly helping to build a sustainable legacy that helps protect the earth through the growth of renewable solar energy as a viable alternative to fossil fuels.

When you become a member of the Co-op, you can tap into a wealth of knowledge and experience on how to save energy and money with energy efficiency and solar projects.

We joined Legacy Community Solar because we wanted to dedicate our attention to something small and help it grow into an everyday concept in Wisconsin. This form of sustainable energy investment is much more tangible and a sensible option given we can’t install solar panels on our house.  ~Peter Fiala

Solar Bonds. Maybe you have too many trees shading your property. Buy Solar Bonds through the Co-op and get a virtual greening, and invest in a Co-op who shares your values with regard to smart energy policy. That’s not to say you can’t still save energy in your home or business.

Solar RECs. Even if you can’t do solar at your home or business, we can help you buy S2S certificates (that’s Switch-to-Solar), which allow you to claim that your electricity comes from Wisconsin solar, and not from a far-away or dirty resource like fracked methane gas or coal.

Consulting Services. Members receive site evaluations and other consulting services at a 50% discount.  We can show you how to trim your energy budget through intelligent planning and implementation of best practices as well as best technologies. With regard to paying for energy retrofits for your home or business, we can show you how to reduce your loads and make the best out of your solar energy investment. And, we can help you find the best financing solution to make your solar dreams a reality!

Membership in the Co-op is only a $25.00 annual installment for one residential address ($100 for lifetime membership), or $125.00 for an institution like a business, a church, a school, or a library.


3 Legacy Solar Co-op Membership options:

  1. Annual Membership (Individual or household): $25. You will be charged $25 each year for 5 years. If you choose to become a lifetime member the amount you have paid will be applied towards your lifetime membership fee.
  2. Lifetime Membership (Individual or household): $100.
  3. Institution Membership: $125. One time fee.

How to become a Legacy Solar Co-op Member

Use one of the links below to use our secure online membership form. Credit card required. If you prefer, you can download and mail in your application instead.

Lifetime Membership
Annual Membership
Business or Institution


If you have any questions, please contact us.