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City of Monona

LOCATION: Monona, Wisconsin   |   CAPACITY: 148 kW (total on 4 sites)   |   COMPLETION DATE: December 2013
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The City of Monona, in south-central Wisconsin, is the first to take advantage of Solar Connections’ Solar Services Agreement, which will yield 10’s of thousands of dollars in reduced operational expense for the City in the first several years of this program.  After year 6, the City has the option to buy out the assets at a depreciated value, and own 100% of the system for the remaining 19 years of the equipment’s 25 year warranty.

“When the solar project was first introduced to the Sustainability Committee in September 2012, City of Monona, recognized an opportunity for a collaborative approach to increasing operational cost savings, enhancing community education, and improving environmental stewardship.”

(Monona Solar Project,

Monona sees this as the least expensive way to go beyond energy efficiency and actually make positive progress toward their 25 by 2025 Energy Independence sustainability goal.

We helped the City of Monona find a tax sponsor and narrow down the solar sites to 4 ideal roofs owned by the City. We put 24 kW on City Hall, 47 kW on the Library, 56 kW on the Public Works garage, and another 21 kW on the Well 3 pump station roof. All together, these sites generate enough electricity to offset about 10% of all the City’s electricity use in a year, or about the equivalent of 18 homes’ worth of electricity per year.


Public Library


City Hall


Public Works Garage


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