Trinity Lutheran

Trinity Lutheran Church

LOCATION: Madison, Wisconsin   |   CAPACITY: 20 kW – see energy usage   |   COMPLETION DATE: August 2014

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Legacy Solar Co-op and Trinity Lutheran Church started working together on solar and LED energy savings in 2014. Panels were installed on the south facing roof of this beautiful limestone church located on the corner of 1st Street and Winnebago in the Atwood neighborhood of Madison’s east side.

On the Winter Solstice in December of 2014, Trinity Lutheran’s solar array received official blessings from Bishop Mary Froiland and the Reverend Susan Schneider, as those attending service that Sunday morning, walked across the street and bestowed blessings on their church’s new solar array. At installation, it was the first community solar garden in the Atwood neighborhood!

Bond subscriptions help secure projects like this, can generate earnings for member bondholders, or can be donated at any time as a tax-deductible donation to a participating non-profit host site for a solar project. The church shares the energy savings (over $3,000 a year kept by the church), but the more bonds the Church owns, the more energy savings they get to keep for their own parish’s budget.

Project Vital Statistics: 

  • 20 kW solar on roof;
  • $12,000 energy efficient lighting upgrades in church;
  • Project energy savings so far exceed 75,000 kWhs
  • Savings so far alleviated over 120,000 pounds of CO2 emissions
  • Water conserved by reducing fossil fuel use exceeds 1.5 million gallons
  • Over 900,000 kilowatt-hours of savings still to come under warranty of solar panels

Slice of Sun Solar Bonds

Legacy Solar Co-op sells Slice-of-Sun Solar Bonds to any member who would like to support a Solar Legacy project like this one, and earn interest on their bonds purchased through the co-op. Ready to get involved?