About Solar Bonds

Growing Wisconsin Solar for everyone is our Legacy

The Slice-of-Sun solar bonds program allows Co-op members to help fund our Co-op’s investments into community solar projects and earn up to 4% interest on your Member Co-op bonds.

Each $250 solar bond (your slice-of-sun) is the equivalent of roughly one solar panel, making the price to participate about $1.00 per Watt. That’s cheaper than buying solar for your own home. It’s also lower than any utility sponsored community solar program because we don’t have to pay shareholders 15% or more in profits to stay in business.

Legacy Solar Co-op offers two types of bonds:

Interest for Good bonds: You choose to donate up to half of the interest you earn to a nonprofit of your choice.

Interest Choice bonds: Depending on the amount of your purchase, you choose how much interest you earn, up to 4% over a 12 year term. You receive Principal and Interest payments annually.

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Investment in solar bonds reflects my values more than the “traditional” retirement investments we are taught to embrace. [My investment] helps advance the move to a renewable energy-based society and otherwise help build a world I wish to live in and for those who come after me. I encourage those of you with “extra” funds to invest in solar bonds and the Legacy Solar Coop.

– David Wernecke, member of Legacy Solar Co-op

There are only two rules for buying Slice of Sun solar bonds

You must be:

  1. member of the Legacy Solar Cooperative, and
  2. A Wisconsin resident.

These are required to comply with State and Federal Statutes governing this type of business transaction. Only equity members of Legacy Solar Co-op are qualified to buy bonds issued by LSC. These bonds serve our primary mission, developing solar projects and sharing in the energy and environmental savings that come with solar and energy efficiency.

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