Christ Lutheran Church Spring Green: View from the Road

Christ Lutheran Church of Spring Green

LOCATION: Spring Green, Wisconsin   |   CAPACITY: 18 kW   |   COMPLETION DATE: December 2018
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Christ Lutheran Church has served the Spring Green, WI community for 135 years. In 2018, the co-op began planning another phase of their history: generating power from the sun. The resulting project should generate roughly 60% of the church’s electricity and set a great example of environmental stewardship for the community and for other congregations.

Member installer WES Engineering installed a 54 panel photovoltaic system, that is estimated to produce 22,000 kWh/year. The system is mounted on a racking system on the church’s Fellowship Hall, consists of panels from Adani Solar and uses individual module optimizers from Solaredge.

The church received a Solar for Good grant from Renew Wisconsin, which was used to help bring the cost down for the church, in addition to securing a tax sponsor.




Slice of Sun Solar Bonds

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