500,000 Wisconsinites Eligible for Our First Solar Group Buy of the Season

Posted 2/26/21

We are in the process of organizing our second Solar Group Buy that will be available to all Dane County residents, businesses and nonprofits throughout 2021.

A Solar Group Buy is a program for reducing solar energy installation costs for businesses and residences sharing a common bond, in this case Dane County. We work with installers to be able to pass on significantly more savings to the customer than if they installed solar on their own.

We are currently working with installers in a request for proposal process, which will conclude on March 10, 2021. After this date, we will begin promoting the program throughout the county and will offer a series of webinars for participants to learn more.

By getting involved in our Solar Group Buy, you are part of a bigger picture in Dane County. You are part of a coordinated effort for communities to become more resilient and realize their sustainability goals. Whether you’re new to the idea of installing solar, or have been weighing the options, this is a great time to fulfill your own goals and save more than ever.