Willow Creek Ranch

LOCATION: Coon Valley, Wisconsin   |   CAPACITY: 29.4 kW   |   COMPLETION DATE: May 2018

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Willow Creek Ranch, a certified organic farm run by the Ofte family for the past four generations that provides free-range beef, poultry and pork products. Located in Coon Valley in Wisconsin’s Driftless Region, animals on the farm are raised by natural ranching, a way to give animals as free a range as possible. The ranch also offers eco-vacations, a way to get the true farm experience. 

The Challenge

Farms require a lot of capital investments for equipment, and often spend more on inputs than a farmer may make in profits at a given time, depending on the timing of the sale of goods at market. For this reason, investing in solar equipment is challenging because the farmer may not be able to take the 30% investment tax credit or effectively use the 100% first year depreciation.


This project includes a standing seam metal roof array and was financed in part through the “Solar Powered Farms” initiative with LSC member Wisconsin Farmers Union and Farmers Union Enterprises. North Wind Renewable Energy Cooperative is the principal solar contractor for the initiative. Legacy Solar Co-op provided project consulting and finance assistance which allowed the owner of Willow Creek Ranch to invest roughly 60% into his own project, with financing to complete the project costs.


Financing was completed by March 2018, and installation started mid-April 2018.  This exciting project was commissioned the week of May 14, 2018.

The Legacy

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