What is a Solar Group Buy?

Posted 1/28/21

A solar group buy is a program for reducing solar energy installation costs for businesses and residences sharing a common bond – very similar to cooperatives! These common bonds could include a geographic area, membership in a co-op, a chamber of commerce, a homeowners association (HOA), a church or combination of churches, or a school district. The end result is that each group buy participant realizes significant cost savings when installing solar and/or battery storage.

How Does It Work?

The following steps outline what happens when you choose Legacy Solar Co-op to administer your community’s group buy:

  • Legacy collects and analyzes information from the sponsor that is then used in a competitive process to select potential installers
  • Legacy assists the sponsor to promote the group buy in their community on the web, through social media and flyering
  • Legacy provides a series of educational seminars and outreach events to inform the community of the opportunity and help them understand the benefits of installing a solar array
  • Legacy works with each participant to complete a site evaluation that includes an assessment form, request for photos and energy data
  • Legacy stays involved to ensure a quality experience to every group buy participant
    Cost Savings
  • When a sponsor selects Legacy Solar Co-op as their partner, they tap into an experienced program with proven success, the best price for each participant and no cost to the sponsoring organization.

Want to Learn More?

Are you a member of an organization who might want to become a sponsor or are interested in being involved in a group buy? Visit the solar group buy page or contact Peter Fiala, Group Buy Coordinator, at Legacy Solar Co-op for more information (peter@legacysolarcoop.org; 608-443-7820)