On the Topic of Solar Offsets

Posted 12/31/20

Re-Development of the Switch2Solar (S2S) Program in 2021

For the past few months, a focus-group within the co-op has been meeting to redevelop its S2S Program, which coordinates purchases of solar kWhs (kilowatt hours) in the form of RECs (renewable energy credits) from local solar producers. Recent purchases like the ones highlighted below allow the co-op to offer homeowners and businesses these offsets for their energy use, and collectively pave the way to grow more solar in Wisconsin.

LSC Purchases 4.55 Solar RECs from Homeowner

Last week, the co-op purchased 4.55 solar RECs from a home in the Jenifer Market neighborhood in Madison to fill the demand for solar offsets this coming year. In this transaction, around 50% of the solar energy produced by this 3.25 kW array was purchased by the co-op and the other half will still be owned by the homeowner. The co-op will buy up to 50% of any Member’s RECs to avoid double counting of the environmental benefits of using solar. Anyone can purchase RECs to offset their energy use; however, members receive a discount.

LSC Purchases City of Monona Solar Array

This past year, the co-op became owner of a 156 kW solar array spread out over 4 City of Monona buildings after the project’s original tax sponsor exited the deal. The co-op is now steward of these arrays, taking care of their operation and maintenance and also offers energy produced in the form of RECs.

To participate, or for more information about how this program works, visit the S2S Program webpage.