Two open house events at Willy Street Co-op East

Attention Willy Street Grocery Co-op Fans — Attention Solar Fans —  Come to one of two open house bond information meetings to learn more about supporting solar and investing in member bonds through the Legacy Solar Co-op.

5:30 – 7:30 pm Open House Bond Sales Event on both Monday, June 27th and Wednesday, June 29th at the Community Room at Willy East’s store.

Solar Bonds to fund the new rooftop solar at Willy East’s store are now for sale to Members of the Legacy Solar Co-op. Starting a Membership is only $25.00 and enables you to buy into group funded projects like this at $250 slices-of-sun.

Two slices of sun is equivalent to one large solar panel and is worth over 350 kilowatt-hours a year in clean energy savings.

Willy Street will use the energy savings from the solar and from the 214 LED lights to pay the Legacy Solar Co-op’s bondholders between 3% and 5% interest on Bonds used to capitalize LSC’s solar loan fund.

Our solar loans are securitized by the value of the solar assets on the roof so this Legacy Solar Co-op is a safe and reliable way to share in the benefits of solar energy.

Join the Legacy Solar Co-op and Share a Slice-of-Sun with the Willy Co-op today and earn a decent return by investing in sunshine!