Fox Valley Solar Group Buy now through October

Take the stress out of getting solar for your home or business.

Find out whether your property is a good candidate for solar and speed up the process of working with an installer.

Legacy Solar Co-op walks you through every step. We help you understand specifically how solar will benefits your budget and impact on the environment.

Where do I start?

If you’re not familiar with Solar Group Buys, watch our previously recorded webinar. Otherwise request your solar assessment report and we’ll get started right away!  Your customized solar report that will save you time and research by providing:

  • Find out if your property is a likely candidate for solar based on site information, your utility bills, photos and address information

  • Understand your system size options. We’ll report your maximum system size based on how much energy you use and your local utility.

  • Get a cost estimate – without having to make an appointment for a site visit. We can give you a ballpark estimate of how much a solar installation is likely to cost.

  • Consultations. You aren’t in this alone. We are here to answer all your questions.

Being part of a Legacy Solar Co-op Group Buy means you have a trusted resource to turn to while transitioning to solar energy.

Benefits of participation

A solar group buy lowers the base rate for solar projects by economy of scale. Legacy Solar Co-op works with installers to come up with a price per watt that works for them and gives an even better deal to the customer than already available savings.

  • Homeowners receive a Federal tax credit of 26% through the end of year 2022
  • Homeowners receive up to $500 in Focus on Energy rebates while funds are available and a total of $1,000 for homes that are located in rural zip codes. (Your utility may have its own rebate program if it does not participate in Focus on Energy.)
  • Nonprofit organizations are eligible to participate and may also apply for grants/funding specific to them

The group buy was an easy and relatively low-priced process for our residential solar array installation. Legacy Solar Coop was helpful with answering questions and arranging a quote….We are very happy to have almost all of our electric power usage for our home and cars being produced by clean solar power right in our backyard!”

Chad MoritzWisconsin Resident

The Fox Valley Solar Group Buy is a collaboration with Northwind Solar, a Legacy Solar Co-op member installer located in Amherst, Wisconsin that serves central Wisconsin. Northwind Solar is a worker-owned cooperative with over 80 years of collective experience in renewable energy that provides a 10 year workmanship warranty. They have been chosen as the 2020 Wisconsin Solar Contractor of the year by Renew Wisconsin.

Financing Options

Need financing? Greenpenny is a virtual and carbon-neutral bank, based in Decorah, Iowa, and dedicated to financing a sustainable tomorrow. As a thank you for participating in the solar group buy program with Legacy Solar Co-op, greenpenny will waive your $50 loan processing fee.

Peter Fiala

Peter Fiala

Solar Group Buy Coordinator

Peter Fiala consults is your first contact as you explore the possibilities of solar for your home or business.

Peter serves on the co-op board of directors as its Vice President. Peter has been an avid volunteer or board member in local and environmental organizations. His passion is connecting residents, nonprofits and businesses to solar statewide and building community relationships along the way.

Peter is more than happy to answer any questions you might have at or 608-443-7820.