How to Purchase Solar Bonds


Important Considerations before buying*

This bond is not a share of stock. The bond doesn’t give the holder of the bond an ownership interest in Legacy Solar Co-op beyond what membership alone entitles. It doesn’t provide any additional voting or membership rights to the holder. The bond holder only acquires an interest in repayment of the face amount of the bond along with the interest due.

Ready to purchase Solar Bonds?  Here’s how:

  1. Become a member of Legacy Solar Co-op: If you aren’t already a member, you must join to be eligible to buy SOS bonds. Go to Join Legacy Solar Co-op for more information. If you prefer to print and mail your membership application, use the printable membership application.
  2. Review the Disclosures Packet: Carefully review the terms and conditions outlined in the Solar Bond Disclosures Packet [please email us to request a copy]. We strongly encourage you to seek out your own legal council, tax specialist or other financial advisor to determine if purchasing bonds from Legacy Solar Co-op is suitable or appropriate for your circumstances. 
  3. Complete the necessary forms: Complete the Bondholder Acknowledgement Form* (the last page of the Member Bond Disclosures Packet) and a W9 form. Send them with your check to Legacy Solar Co-op, P.O. Box 7622, Madison, WI 53707-7622.
  4. Sign bonds and return a copy to LSC: Within 5 business days after we receive your check and completed forms, LSC will send you two copies of your bond certificate. Sign and date both. Keep one for your records and return the other to LSC in the envelope provided.

You may also choose to buy bonds online.**  

*Note: This information does not replace a full and thorough review of the Member Bond Disclosure Packet, which includes information on the Co-op’s business plan, financials and other considerations. All members must review the packet information before deciding to buy bonds. Members must formally acknowledge having access to the packet by completing the Bondholder Acknowledgement Form before your bond purchase is finalized.

**Note: Online bond sales are limited to a maximum of $1000 and require a credit or debit card. Legacy Solar Co-op offers online purchase as a convenience to our members. Please consider making your bond purchase by check to save the cooperative 2.75% on the credit card transaction fee, especially for larger purchases.

Please call or email for help as needed or if you have any questions, at: 608-571-4992 or email us at: