Sauk Area Solar Committee Public Talk

The Sauk Area Solar Committee of the Legacy Solar Co-op hosted a public talk Saturday, January 30th, 2016 at the Ruth Culver Prairie du Sac Library in front of over 70 members of the public!  Trang Donovan of Unlimited Renewable Energy (URE) gave a very good technical overview of the process to put solar on a rooftop.  Tyler Huebner of RENEW Wisconsin gave a great little talk on the state of solar development in Wisconsin.

Kurt Reinhold of the Legacy Solar Co-op gave an introduction to the Slice-of-Sun Solar Bond program offered through the Co-op to capitalize or essentially crowdfund community solar projects.  There was a very active Q&A afterwards as all three speakers shared the stage to answer questions.  The Sauk Area Solar Committee hopes to be able to launch several new solar projects in 2016 on the success of this first public forum to promote solar in their community!