Congratulations to LSC Members Honored at the 2020 Renewable Energy Summit

Jackie Harrison-Jewell, 2/26/20

Congratulations to LSC Members Honored at the 2020 Renewable Energy Summit Renewable Energy Summit, presented by RENEW Wisconsin, is a one-day event that brings together people who work in, or are interested in the growth and success of renewable energy in Wisconsin, from policy makers to vendors, educators and concerned citizens. This year’s event was held on Thursday, January 16th and Legacy Solar Co-op was proud to be there.

We would like to congratulate several of our members who were recognized during the summit.

First, we really enjoyed the presentation by LSC Member Nancy Vedder-Shults, during the Renewable Energy Stories. Nancy, and her husband Mark, are the tax sponsors for the First Unitarian Society project which was completed at the end of 2019. Nancy talked about the rich history of FUS Madison, from its beautiful Frank Lloyd Wright design to the recent addition of a solar array financed in part through  Legacy Solar Co-op. We really appreciate the shout-out.

Nancy and Mark are also working on a new project called Array it Forward, which we will be writing more about later.

Next, we want to congratulate Arch Electric for being a vital part of the Project of the Year, Butter Solar. Butter Solar is a unique public-private partnership involving solar vendors such as Arch Electric, municipal utilities, a food cooperative, and city government. Among other benefits, this project allows Organic Valley Cooperative to become 100% renewably powered, and the purchase of RECs produced by the array will help the City of Madison account for 1/3 of its clean electricity goal.

We want to congratulate Carlson Electric for being recognized as the Renewable Energy Business of the Year. LSC worked with Carlson on several projects this last year and we think this  recognition is well deserved.

And finally, LSC attended this year’s summit and maintained a table in the exhibit hall by bartering solar RECs from Legacy’s Switch2Solar REC program for the cost of the exhibitor’s fee. The RECs retired in this exchange covered the environmental impact of the combined travel to and from the summit by attendees. We want to thank RENEW WI, Michael Vickerman (also a LSC member) and the great staff at RENEW for working with LSC and supporting our mutual missions for this event and throughout the year.