2018 Solar Investing

Tony Hartmann – 2/20/18

No such thing a ‘sure thing’ when it comes to investing, right? Well, if you think the sun’ll come up tomorrow, investing in solar infrastructure is as close as it gets. Since its beginning, the Legacy Solar Co-op (LSC) has facilitated solar investment not only because renewable energy is clean and sustainable, but because it makes sense economically. A lot of sense. Not-for-profits and home-owners almost always see a return on investment (ROI) in the neighborhood of 10-12%, businesses 15% and more. So, the 2018 solar investor can do good and make a sweet return on their investment…

As Don Pardo used to say, ‘but wait, there’s more…’

Legacy Solar Co-op has long been an advocate for energy efficiency efforts, projects that go hand and glove with distributed (pv) energy production. In Wisconsin, the Focus On Energy (FOE) program does more than just reward you (to the tune of thousands) for installing solar PV. You get further cash dividends by swapping out motors, furnaces, water-heaters, air conditioners, light bulbs/fixtures and much, much more. For starters, rate-payers can get FREE STUFF, like LED bulbs and water-saving fixtures just by going here and choosing a ‘pack’.

but again, there’s more…

If you are building (or remodeling) there are a host of incentives available through FOE. Go here for a quick look.

and keep in mind that LSC consults for the unheard of low rate of $30/hr. for members, and we’re able to assist with nearly any application, from grants to prescriptive programs and loans.

If you are pragmatic and need to see to believe, well, stop in to the Willy St. Co-op in Madison, and look up at the new LED light fixtures. Or, go to (2013 customer) City of Monona’s website and check out their solar production (2017 customer, City of Fitchburg’s solar production will be online by March).

The Co-op doesn’t discriminate when it comes to solar, we work with large, small, commercial, residential, and not-for-profit entities, because above all, IT PAYS TO INVEST IN SOLAR!