Madison nonprofit Housing Initiatives are setting up to save 40% on their power bill

Housing Initiatives has been providing peace, hope, and shelter for Madison area men, women, and veterans for over 20 years.  They work to end homelessness for those who live with severe mental illnesses.  Legacy Solar Co-op is proud to be partnering with such a wonderful organization.

Legacy Solar Co-op will provide solar on 2 buildings that Housing Initiatives owns and maintains.  Our tax sponsor for this project is a long-time advocate for this and other organizations in Dane County.  Together, we will help Housing Initiatives achieve lower energy bills by helping them generate their own electricity behind-the-meter, saving them about 40% on their power bills. 

Over 25 years, the impact of this project will be to displace nearly 1 million pounds of CO2 and save over 14 million gallons of water by reducing their need for coal and methane-based electricity.

Join us and buy Slice-of-Sun solar bonds so that we can help Housing Initiatives get their solar initiative off the ground!  We pay 5% interest for any bonds that will be donated to Housing Initiatives within the 7-year term, or at the end.  This way, you get to earn and Housing Initiatives gets a Legacy Gift in year 7 that helps them maximize their cost savings for the long haul.

For bonds that are not donated, we still pay 3.0% and 3.5% on 7-year terms, and 4.5% and 5.0% on 25-year Legacy terms.

Stay tuned for more information to be released about our new Solar Legacy project with Housing Initiatives, Inc.