City of Beaver Dam Votes Yes!

By Kurt Reinhold, 8/23/18

In the late evening hours, after several other contentious decisions, including re-branding the City’s image and logoy, the City of Beaver Dam Common Council Monday night voted 10 to 3 to hire Legacy Solar Co-op to work with (member) North Wind Renewable Energy Cooperative and (member) E3 Lighting to construct two 100-plus kilowatt solar arrays (on the city hall and the Watermark Community and Senior Center) and perform over $31,000 in LED lighting retrofits for the City this fall. The city had announced their hope in a July 27, 2018 article.

This decision sets in motion a new Bonds Campaign to Members who would like to earn up to 6% on Slice-Of-Sun (or SOS) Co-op Bonds.  Legacy Solar Co-op will be making a loan of up to $80,000 to the Tax Sponsor for the solar and lighting project in Beaver Dam.  We have close to $40,000.00 in our Bond Loan Fund currently, so we need to sell another $40,000 of SOS Bonds in the next 6 weeks to meet our goal and complete the capitalization of this very important project.

On the heels on the Beaver Dam Solar and Lighting Project, LSC will also have at least 2 churches and hopefully a YMCA to sell more Bonds to make these solar projects happen in the coming months, as well.  If you haven’t already, please consider joining the Legacy Solar Wisconsin Cooperative, and for all you Members out there, we could use your support through our SOS program in the coming weeks and months to reach our goal of doubling our solar impact in 2018 compared to 2017.

Please check out our Slice-Of-Sun Bond Program and our Member Bonds Disclosures Packet for more information.  For as little as $250, you can own your own “Slice-Of-Sun” and help grow solar in Wisconsin!

Go Team Solar!

Kurt Reinhold, President and Managing Director
Legacy Solar Wisconsin Cooperative