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Counter Your Carbon Footprint With Solar RECs

We all need to power the lights, appliances, devices, and vehicles in our lives, both at home and at work. If you live in Wisconsin, the majority of your electricity still comes from coal.

The Switch to Solar (S2S) program helps you counter your carbon footprint through buying solar renewable energy certificates generated in Wisconsin by local organizations and businesses.

Installing solar panels isn’t an option for everyone. Our S2S program brings the benefits of solar power to everyone, making solar accessible for all households and incomes.

What are Solar RECs?

Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) represent the absence of stifling carbon emissions and the environmental benefits of renewable energy generation.

When power is generated through solar, one sREC is created for every megawatt hour of solar electricity created. Solar RECS (sRECs) are the eco benefits from solar generated power.

Why choose the S2S program through Legacy Solar Co-op?

  1. Transparency, know when/where your sRECs were generated
  2. Wisconsin Solar, no far away wind or hydro
  3. Monopoly free, voluntarily produced,  switching the grid to a renewable source
  4. Supporting local organizations with extra income from selling their RECs
  5. Midwest Sustainability and grid security
  6. Wisconsin’s First marketplace for sRECs

Subscription Options

Calculating Your Energy Usage and Carbon Footprint

To calculate what size subscription is right for you, check your most recent utility bill. Look at your monthly total kWh consumed. That is your household energy use.

You may consider a larger subscription to include activities not reflected in your utility bill, such as travel. Check out our estimator below to help you assess the right amount for you.

Home and Personal Use

Switch My Home Energy Usage: Pick a subscription based on the number of kilowatts your home consumes monthly.

$5 = 250 kWh/month
$15 =750 kWh/month
$20 = 1000 kWh/month
$25 =1250 kWh/month

Counter your carbon footprint

Counter Your Carbon Footprint: Calculate your carbon footprint and counter that amount.

See below for an estimator of common activities. After estimating your carbon footprint, click subscribe and pick the closest amount.

Customize Your S2S

Customize your Switch 2 Solar: Are you hosting an event like a conference or a wedding? Would you like to counter the carbon emissions from that event? How about that flight to Hawaii you are planning.  Would you like to counter the CO2 emitted through that event? No matter the event type or size, please contact us and we’d be happy to provide an estimate and help you counter the carbon from any activity!

If you have additional questions, or would like a detailed carbon calculation, please contact us at or by calling 608-571-4992.

How to Estimate Your Carbon Footprint

It can be difficult to know how your lifestyle impacts our environment. The graphs below suggest how some common activities (driving, flying and meat consumption) affect your carbon footprint. Choose the option that best reflects how you go about your day. And remember that any option you choose will help.
If you want to counter a special one-time event, such as a vacation, business conference or to complete your zero carbon goals, please select the Customize your S2S option. We’ll be happy to help you calculate your needs.
Low impact footprint: Driving 240 miles or less, Flying 600 miles or more, Eating a vegetarian diet
Medium impact footprint: driving 500 miles or less a month, Flying 800 air miles or more, Eating meat once a week
High impact footprint: driving over 700 miles a month, flying over 700 miles a month, eating meat every day

A Better Legacy

 The average American’s carbon footprint is 15 tonnes annually, more than double the global average of 6.4. You create a positive legacy when you reduce your carbon footprint with S2S. We help you track your impact with summaries of your carbon score. We make it easy for you to protect the environment and promote solar renewable energy projects.

What Legacy Solar Co-op sREC subscribers are saying

Yogesh Chawla

The good news is that by purchasing Solar Renewable Energy [Certificates] (RECs) through Legacy Solar Cooperative’s “Switch to Solar” program, you can offset most, if not all, of your energy usage for a surprisingly low price.  You’ll directly support your neighbor’s solar installations while simultaneously giving yourself a cleaner carbon footprint.

If you are already using MGE’s Green Power Tomorrow, consider switching to “Switch to Solar,” where 100% of the power comes from solar rather than 1% of the power.

Yogesh Chawla
Peter Fiala

“I subscribed to the co-op’s Switch 2 Solar Program because I wasn’t quite ready to explore putting solar on our roof and actually, wasn’t sure I could afford it. This option was much more tangible and something I could act on immediately. I can now proudly say that my solar energy comes from a solar installation in my community that Legacy helped install. This to me is different than just purchasing energy credits online somewhere and brings it to the local level.”

Peter FialaSubscriber since 2018
Elise Couillard

“After tackling my plastic consumption, I was ready to take on all aspects of my carbon footprint. I’m often commuting for work and have my groceries delivered, so I wanted to calculate the impact of these habits. I subscribe to the lower impact program, and I look forward to continuing the legacy of solar in Wisconsin. One major switch that needs to happen to combat the climate crisis is switching to a renewable grid. With Legacy Solar Co-op, I know I’m part of building that future for Wisconsin.”

Elise Couillard

Together we are making a difference!


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