Buy Wisconsin Solar RECs

through the Legacy Solar Co-op’s Switch to Solar (S2S) Program

Use Legacy Solar’s Switch to Solar program to counter your carbon emissions and greenhouse particulates with solar RECs produced by local organizations and businesses. Our solar RECs are retired on behalf of the buyer, so that real and permanent good can come from the use of renewable energy.

How do Solar RECs work?

Each REC represents 1,000 kilowatt-hours of solar-generated electricity which can displace 1,000 pounds of coal.  The voluntary market value of RECs can transition our economy into a low-carbon economy.  The Co-op procures its solar RECs locally from solar projects in Wisconsin. Member consumers enjoy a discount and member producers enjoy preferred pricing for their RECs.

How are Legacy Solar Co-op Solar RECs different?

  1. ALL solar (not far away wind or hydro)
  2. ALL Wisconsin-generated solar
  3. Distributed Generation (DG) – “behind-the-meter” (power used onsite, not centralized and transmitted hundreds of miles over ATC lines/towers)
  4. Supports NEW solar as opposed to only recovering costs from projects built years ago*
  5. Transparency, so you know when they were generated and where they came from

*This “Additionality” is unique and substantial to growing more solar rather than simply paying back owners who have already commissioned projects years ago.

How do I get Solar RECs?

Solar RECs through the Switch to Solar program are sold online through Legacy Solar Co-op’s ordering system. They are sold through a monthly subscription program offsetting the amount of energy you choose. Generally, the Co-op recommends a plan that is closest to your average monthly energy usage. Subscription plans are offered in the increments listed below:

  • 300 kWh/month (appropriate for a small home or apartment)
  • 625 kWh/month (appropriate for an average home or apartment)
  • 1,250 kWh/month (appropriate for a large home or small business)

Check your most recent utility bill for your energy use. If you live in their service territory, you can also use MG&E’s Average Energy Use and Cost for Residential Addresses to look up your information.

The current pricing for Switch-to-Solar customers*:

  • Member price = $.02 per kWh (sold in whatever blocks you determine according to your own energy use)
  • Non-Member price = $.03 per kWh

*The following form will ask for the approximate amount of energy you use and for your billing information, that’s it. If you have any questions please contact us at or by calling 608-571-4992.

Madison has a strong track record of citizens who are advocates for clean energy and who have shown great enthusiasm for solar energy and initiatives such as solar community gardens.  The good news is that by purchasing Solar Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) through Legacy Solar Cooperative’s “Switch to Solar” program, you can offset most, if not all, of your energy usage for a surprisingly low price.  You’ll directly support your neighbor’s solar installations while simultaneously giving yourself a cleaner carbon footprint.

If you are already using a similar program like MGE’s Green Power Tomorrow, consider switching to “Switch to Solar,” where 100% of the power comes from solar rather than 1% of the power.